Pepti-Guard® (Thorne)

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Pepti-Guard® (Thorne)


Support for a healthy stomach lining and to soothe the mucus membranes of the GI tract*

Pepti-Guard has a particular affinity for the health of the stomach. It is formulated to specifically support the desirable flora found in the upper gastrointestinal tract*


Thorne’s Pepti-Guard is formulated to specifically support the desirable flora found in the upper gastrointestinal tract, particularly in the stomach.* Its formula contains deglycyrrhizinated licorice and organic aloe vera for their GI-healing properties.* Only high-quality aloe vera from the inner gel of the aloe plant is used because it soothes and heals the sensitive mucus membranes of the GI tract without causing gastric upset or a laxative effect.* Berberine hydrochloride and bismuth citrate help provide a healthy microbial balance.* The easy eight-week protocol requires just four capsules a day.

Pepti-Guard utilizes DaltonMax 700®, the highest quality aloe vera extract on the supplement market. These are its key advantages:· – It is extracted only from the plant’s inner fillet gel, so it has no laxative or irritating effects*
– The low-heat extraction process preserves its bioactive ingredients
– 200:1 strength provides optimal benefit
– It is organic and solvent-free for maximum purity

Suggested use

Take 2 capsules two times daily between meals for a maximum of eight weeks, or as recommended by your health professional.

Servings per container: 60

This product is contraindicated in an individual with a history of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

If pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive, do not use this product.

There are no known adverse interactions or contraindications at publication date.

Bismuth citrate might cause a temporary and harmless darkening of the stool.

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